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Why Choose Custom Massage?

There are a great number of types of massage different techniques focus on the amount pressure that can be applied and the individual benefits of a therapy, particularly when addressing specific concerns. Whether injury from work or sports which can cause chronic pain. The day to day stresses of work of life in general can be major factors, a custom massage can provide targeted relief.

You know right where it hurts, and a caring knowledgeable massage therapist will allow them to target the epicenter of your pain and tension. Choosing a Custom Massage session allows you and your therapist to explore which are most beneficial for you.  in general, as a preference, and as targeted therapy for healing and health. When you reserve a Custom Massage your session will start with a discussion to assess your health and concerns. Our therapist will use this consultation to create a custom treatment that works to give you the relief you need. Using firm pressure, stretching and more, muscle soreness will be relieved while your circulation system is stimulated to aid the healing process.

A 50 minute Custom Massage session allows your therapist to target key areas that cause tension, stress and pain.

An 80 minute Custom Massage session allows ample time for full body massage and your therapist to give dedicated relief of chronic stress or pain.

Individuals suffering from chronic pain sports injuries,  stress and other ailments may consider multiple treatments to aid in the healing process.

Deluxe Full Body Custom Massage 60.00

Full Body Custom Massage $60.00